Hit Up Your Local Hotel Lobby Bar.

Move via: @ethanmkelley Always dug a hotel lobby bar. It serves a pivotal role in all aspects of travel: Starting line, finish line, home base. You got all sorts of vibes flowing through that place. There’s the squad whackin’ a couple beers before jumping on the wedding shuttle. There’s the dude lost in his thoughts replaying his 3:00 sales meeting. There’s the family on vacation enjoying a casual happy hour before they start checking off Dad’s to do list. Different people, different stories, why not join em’. Random Tuesday night, take advantage of the drink specials, learn more about Seneca Valley Class of 2002, the best places to outsource customer service, why Dave wants their kid to go to Wisconsin, getting jazzed up just thinking about it. Who knows, maybe later in the night you end up rolling to your local bar with Dave, the business guy and some 2002 Seneca Valley graduates. High on it. Think it Could Be The Move.

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