Website Code Open at Work.

Move by: @johnocnl In the 9-5 world perception is key. Yes, I’m aware this Write Up might come across like I have an axe to grind and that I’m bitter about a promotion I didn’t get a handful of years ago but I will say this… Often times, the harder I made my job look the more impressed my bosses were: I’d act more stressed when I didn’t give a fuck, act busy when I had nothing going on, smile and joke around a little less. Respect from the bosses would increase, I’d get miserable, go back to being a clown, start looking for other jobs, repeat.

Now let’s rewind. Day 6 of the new job. My boss walks past my desk, “How’s it going? Getting a feel for everyth… What’s that?” Sending an upward nod to my second monitor pumping out website code. “Oh this? Just something I’m working on.” “Is that just the website code?” “It is but I… Wait, before I forget, do I need a pass to park in the west lot?” See that? See what I did there? Acknowledge then casually change the subject. Now there’s a halo of intrigue surrounding your desk. Joking around with the coworkers, boss is probably thinking, “He’s got time to joke. Guy works smarter not harder.” Promotions and raises in no time.

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