Bring a “Reserved” Sign to Your Favorite Bar to Save Your Favorite Table.

When I first read this Move I imagined sitting down at an unoccupied table then discretely sliding out a reserved sign. Like a legit sign that you’d see bars/restaurants use. All of a sudden you and the boys gotta classy vibe going. Kinda squad that calls ahead. Says, “Give us 4 by whatever TV’s playing the O’s.”

Sounds like Mike here likes the idea of showing up, tossing a reserved sign on a table, walking around a little, maybe waiting for the whole squad to roll up. Bam, Mike takes em’ to their “reserved” table. Strong… I’m too soft for this Move tbh. Feel like someone would sit down at that table, I’d panic, snag the sign, “Oh is this reserved?” “Um.. Nah not really. Was a joke.” “We can move if you’d like.” *Weird laugh* “Don’t worry about it. Plenty of tables.”

The other idea I dig is using a clearly fake reserved sign that no bar would ever use. I’m talking a notecard Sharpie job, “reserved”. Server will have a laugh, people walking by might have a chuckle, maybe get a couple convos going? Who knows could find your soulmate. Or get chirped so bad you fold it up and throw it in your pocket. Move via IG: mike.ponenti

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