Alter Your Beer Can.

Move via: @on_the__rocks Gotta tip my hat to this one. It’s been a serviceable Move throughout my lifetime. It all started when my buddy asked, “Do you want to play the game?” The vibe was way too intense, “You understand by saying yes you can never leave the game.” After insisting he chilled out my friend further explained the rules, “You must alter your beer can in anyway, shape or form while drinking. If someone who is also playing the game asks, ‘Are you playing the game?’ and you didn’t make any changes to your beer can (turning the tab, removing the tab, a dent) you must chug the rest of your beer.” Next thing you know I felt like I was being targeted. I’d open a beer and 30 seconds later, “Are you playing the game?” I’d get texts, phone calls, “Game?” It was brutal man. Took a couple weeks to get the habit drilled deep into my brain. Open beer, turn tab to the right. Little did I know it would forever stick with me. To this day, anytime I open a canned beverage the tab immediately gets slipped to the right. I’m not sure if it’s The Move… Lotta Moves out there, but it definitely Could Be The Move.

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