Instead of Your Family, Have Your Boys Move You in For College.

Move via IG: mikerob.3 Imagine this for a second. You’re in the car with the fam. Back seat/trunk’s packed to the brim. Dad’s all pissed because the logistics of getting cars in/out is all jacked up. Mom’s dropping some locked in comment, “We’ll probably only need one cart don’t ya think?” You gotta whirlwind of emotions going: pumped, nervous, anxious, “hope my roommates are cool”, “woah that girl’s hot”. All of a sudden you see a squad pushing two move in carts, one bro’s inside the cart pointing ahead like some 1600s pirate captain. Boys are tiltin’ back a couple solo cups, sharing some laughs. Set’s the tone man. Sure you may be ripping a precious moment away from your parents but I don’t know man… I guess you can share the embracing goodbye before you bounce with your buds.

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