Using the Term Edit to Describe Changing the Tempature of Water.

I’ll be honest man, when we posted this Chop Move on the story I was legit thinking the same thing. “Not sure if I’ve ever heard someone use the term edit when it comes to changing the temperature of water before but yeah, that makes sense.” Thought about writing a caption underneath it but bailed. “Maybe it’s a non-US thing.” “You’re probably the only one who’s gonna think twice about it.”

To my surprise the brilliant minds in the DMs noticed it too and some advised, “Hey man, this Could Be The Move.” Now I originally hesitated at the idea that, “Using the term edit to describe changing the temperature of water.” could in fact be the Move. It was so subtle, felt like a throwaway line but yeah… After dropping my guard and really giving it some thought I began to agree, maybe this Could Be The Move. Keep the squad on their toes, make em’ rethink their current vernacular when describing basic, everyday life things. Is there another word? Another way? Personally, I’m going to put this one of the shelf. Maybe bust it out at a wedding when the bathroom’s crowded. “Oh look there’s the edit guy.” I don’t know man, something could be there. Might give it a shot. 

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