Recycled Zyn Ramekins

Lotta things to take in here. First, let’s start with the Zyn dishes. Not much of a Zyn guy anymore but have always respected a good ole’ fashioned recycle job. Whether it’s taking a jar and flipping it into a cup or using it as a bring your salad to work vessel, respect all around. A Zyn repurpose gives off a much different vibe. Modern, shows you like to party. Might not see this on your local Pintrest page but maybe you should… Boys are bringing their A game here.

Let’s get into the second part of this Move. How bout the term “ramekin” Andy threw at me. Bro, if I’m sending this Move it’s, “Zyn sauce dishes. CBTM.” So much more lame. Had to Google ramekin, thought it was a spelling error. Terminology aside, I mean, what 20 year old has ramekins. I’d never think to buy some. “Oh yeah, should probably pick up some ramekins just in case I make an appetizer that needs some sort of dipping sauce.” Nah dude, I’d just dump the sauce in a bowl like a straight pleeb. “Communal dipping bowl.” I’d say. So unclassy, boys might get pissed tbh. Now instead of going to your local Target and asking where they keep the ramekins just step up your recycle game. Now the boys can double, triple, quad dip without pissing anyone off. Recycled Zyn Ramekins. Could Be The Move.

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