Being Elite With a Squeegee.

Posted about this the other day. Was watching Ted Lasso and noticed a window washer absolutely doing work. Threw it up on Twitter, “Knowing how to work a squeegee. Could Be The Move.” Pretty dumb, no context, of course it bombed. But yeah, still think there’s something there, so fuck it, here’s an OG writeup dedicated to knowing how to work a squeegee.

Bro there’s something about elite window washing that’s sick. They make it look so easy: swift, efficient, effective, hard not to respect. I’m usually a let the rain take care of it guy but one summer we got champagne and shit on our big window so your boy decided to do work. I was an absoulte clown, left streaks, lint everywhere. The whole time my roommates were bashing my squeegee technique. Was a tough look man.

Now let’s take that energy and flip it. Gas station, getitng a little fill up, maybe your buds are with you, maybe date #4 with some girl who’s more attractive than you or hell maybe you’re solo. Notice the windsheild could use a little love. Solid wash job. Pop the trunk, bust out your own squeegee and start doing work. One motion, no streaks. Boys, impressed. Girl, in love. Pride, glowing. Being elite with a squeegee is underrated man.

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