Food Review. Eat Club. Watermelon Feta Salad.

Today I dined on the Watermelon Feta Salad. This dish was delightful, it screamed summer. The fresh ingredients and mouth watering flavors paired together beautifully in this 4 by 6″ plastic container. The side of feta cheese and peach basil vinaigrette were packed right to the brim. The chunks of watermelon were ever present (7-8 big ole chunks). The pecans (also packed separately) were glossy, crunchy and just straight up beautiful. The arugula was a nice lil’ change-up, the sweetness of the other ingredients helped dampen the usual strong/overpowering zest arugula usually brings to the table. Not sure if this is on Eat Club or a nod to my underrated athletic ability but the salad shake was absolutely flawless; one of the best of my life. Each bite contained the perfect amount of dressing. Fantastic meal. Would recommend to a friend. Meal: 4.4 Experience: 4.2 (A5 placement. A friend of mine bragged about his A1 placement. We are no longer friends).

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