Food Review. Eat Club. Sweet and Sour Pork.

Today I rolled the dice on a dish that had zero reviews. The Sweet and Sour Pork…. Let me tell you, they couldn’t have picked a better earlier reviewer. For I will warn other Eat Club Members to stay far away from this dish. Yes… I do consider myself a hero and a modern day Paul Revere….. On with the review! If you enjoy two day old microwaved Chinese food than this is the dish for you: Soggy chicken, sort of crispy/sort of soft rice, inedible broccoli. The main problem at hand was the fact I didn’t have a boatload of Sriracha to help mask the taste. Meal: 2.1. Experience: 4.1…. Eat Club finally recognized and put your boi in A-1. Also a co-worker let me have 1/4 of his cookie.

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