Food Review. Eat Club. Sriracha Spicy Hot Wings.

Today I dined on the Sriracha Spicy Hot Wings. Excitement was flowing through my veins as I flapped open the corners of my Eat Club box. Anytime I eat chicken wings I am happy and this was no exception. As I sunk my teeth into the soft exterior of the wing a nice subtle zest of hotness tickled my taste buds. The meat was lush/semi-meaty and equivalent to a Pizza Hut wing (don’t sleep on Pizza Hut wings). The meal was paired with ranch, now I’m a ranch guy myself so that was great news for me. If you’re a blue cheese guy, I suggest bringing your own blue cheese/purchasing some prior to the delivery of your Eat Club meal. Ranch/Blue Cheese just another classic debate. Right up there with Beatles/Stones, Backstreet Boys/N’Sync, Smashmouth/Soundgarden. Meal: 4.1.

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