Food Review. Eat Club. Pepperoni Pizza Sliders.

Today I dined on the Pepperoni Pizza Sliders. The anticipation leading up to this meal was equivalent to a grand event like The Royal Wedding or The Oscars. The red carpet was laid out and serious buzz was in the air, Bite #1 was a win. A group of pepperonis came along for the ride leaving a vintage pepperoni spillage. As a pepperoni lover I enjoyed this immensely. The marinara sauce on the side was lovely. It had just the right amount of flavor to take a normally bland side sauce and turn it into a truly delightful dipping experience. Straight up, if I was hammered and I ordered this at a Pizza Shop I would be more than thrilled. Overall it was a lovely dish. Plus I didn’t have to bend over to retrieve the box. 4.1 Experience. 4.1 Meal.

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