Food Review. Eat Club. Mexi-Asian Spicy Pork Burrito.

Today I dined on the Mexi-Asian Spicy Pork Burrito. Now… Before my meal, Eat Club surprised me with a number of branded gifts: pens, sunglasses, a traveler bag, a football and a nice branded cup. What a great move. Love these guys. Side Note: I will be reviewing the products separately via my Twitter account. They also decked out my Eat Club box with a medal that says, “Most Epic Reviewer”. Honestly my taste buds went numb. I scarfed down the burrito without any food related thoughts. My only thoughts were, “Can’t wait to wear these shades at Splash House!” “This medal… Wow. Now I know what Michael Phelps feels like!” “These pens are so orange!” (My favorite color. Go Orioles!) I ate the whole thing so my subconscious must’ve enjoyed the dish. Meal: 4.1 Experience: 4.8 (-.2 A3 placement).

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