Food Review. Eat Club. Manicotti with Rosé Sauce.

Today I dined on the Manicotti with Rose’ Sauce. Twas an interesting experience. First off, the picture is an awful representation of this meal. The flat noodle lasagna lookin’ thing was not rolled and the garlic bread was not cut in half. Now with that being said I did not mind the dish even though a slight curveball was thrown at me during my meal. Bite after bite I kept reminding myself to follow my gut or tastebuds if you will and to judge this dish based off of how I feel and not let any distractions sway my score. The distraction I’m referring to was a co-worker who had a negative experience with this meal. Now, she’s a great human being and has a cool cat but during today’s lunch I respectfully disagree with her 1/5 score. It was an ok meal. Not great but not awful. 3.6/5. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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