Food Review. Eat Club. Glorious.

Today I dined on the Glorious. When I first placed the order I thought it was called the Glamorous. My 3rd grade reading level let me down here. I had visions of singing Fergie’s Glamorous throughout my entire meal. Oh well, maybe one day. The Glorious was lovely. I’m not a big vegan guy but this wrap was delightful. The avocado was fresh, the greens were crisp/leafy and the tomatoes had a nice flavorful pop. Never knew coconut bacon was a thing but yeah… pass. Straight up, you throw some chicken and bacon in this bad boy we’re talkin’ about a 4.7. Meal: 4.3. Experience: A2 placement. Assisted a fellow Co-Worker retrieving her meal in the A1 slot. Destroyed my confidence for a good 45 seconds. 4.1.

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