Food Review. Eat Club. Fra’Mani Chefs Salad.

Today I dined on the Fra’Mani Chefs Salad. I carried on my Eat Club tradition of ordering a dish that I do not know how to pronounce. My salad shake was a little suspect which led to a number of #saladproblems. The chic peas hunkered down at the bottom leaving them the last ingredient left standing. The blue cheese never spread which led to a good ole fashioned blue cheese surprise. You know… the classic, “Oh my god did someone poison me oh wait it’s just a big ole clump of blue cheese” bite. Other than showing a lack of athletic ability my lunch was very enjoyable. The ham and turkey, fresh. The lettuce, cool/crispy. The dressing, jusssstt enough mustard pop. Meal: 4.2 Experience: A7 placement. (Lowest drawer. -.2.) 4.0. Salad Shake: 1.8.

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