Food Review. Eat Club. Crab and Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl.

Today I dined on the Crab and Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl. Now… I’m a crab expert. “Crab expert? Wait what?” Sorry… Let me back track. I’m from a lil’ state called Maryland. Maryland does a couple things well. 1. It’s a place where great people develop as human beings (Babe Ruth, Tupac, Kevin Durant and myself). 2. Best crabs in the world. When I spotted a crab dish on the menu your boy got all sorts of jacked. TBH it felt like a countdown till Tuesday. When I opened the dish I was in awe of the presentation. So many gorgeous colors and sauces on deck. I wasted no time dumping the garlic ponzu, spicy mayo, and soy sauce all over the meal. Each sauce added a lovely element to every bite. Overall the dish was sweet, salty and…. Well it just felt like home. *(Pause… Put head down. Try not to cry)* Only mistake I made was not adding Old Bay… Act like I don’t have Old Bay at my desk. Meal: 4.1. Experience: 3.9. A5, plus a fellow co-worker flexed his A1 placement on me pretty hard.

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