Food Review. Eat Club. Cool Fried Chicken & Blue Cheese Salad.

Today I dined on the Cool Fried Chicken and Blue Cheese Salad. Now the “Cool” in Cool Fried Chicken is not some fun cheeky description. They mean it literally, the Fried Chicken is cold. Now I usually like my Fried Chicken warm and loaded with a vast array of dangerous peppers. Sure I’ll eat it cold from time to time when a lazy leftover situation forces my hand but yeah… Today it was cold. The Chicken danced atop a basic garden salad (lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage). On the side was a dash of blue cheese and an absolute TUB of dressing. I’m tellin ya your boy’s taken sponge baths in containers smaller than the one provided. All in all it was filling and got the job done. Meal: 4.0 Experience: 3.9. A5. Placement.

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