Food Review. Eat Club. Clam Chowder Bread Bowl.

Today I dined on the Clam Chowder Bread Bowl. Honestly, I felt bad indulging in a dish that’s so deeply rooted to the New England area. I’ve been intensely rooting against the Bruins the last two weeks of the Stanley Cup. Needless to say, keeping a level head throughout this meal was a challenge. Hard not to see the faces of Marchand, Chara and McAvoy sprinkled throughout my dish. With that being said, the meal was solid. The bread bowl cut was all but perfect, the entire cup of chowder nestled beautifully in the edible bowl. The chowder was creamy, semi-chunky and had a temperature of 97 degrees. Soup Comparison: Campbells. New England Athlete Comparison: Al Horford. Solid. Fundamental. Get’s the job done. Meal: 3.9. Experience: 4.1 (+.2 A1 Placement).

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