Food Review. Eat Club. Chicken Tostada Salad. 2.

Today I dined on the Chicken Tostada Salad. This is my 3rd time eating the dish and I must say things have surely changed. They have done away with the notorious Cheese Clump and now serve the cheese in a side plastic container. This allows you to sufficiently shake the salad without having to pick at a big ball of cheese. Lovely addition. They also increased the dressing serving size. I was shocked at the tub of dressing they provided but was impressed when each bite hate a sweet chipotle ranch addition. With that being said, I still believe this is the most overrated dish Eat Club has to offer. 4.1 sure…. But a 4.5. smh. As for experience, A6 placement. -.1. Experience: 4.0. Thank you for reading my review and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their respective days.

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