Food Review. Eat Club. Black Bean Burger.

Today I dined on the Black Bean Burger. EatClub reviewers gave this meal an average score of 4.4. History tells me not to pay too much attention to these positive reviews… For the 4.5 rating given to the Chicken Tostada seems .3 points too high (still a solid dish) but I digress. At first I was taken back by the lack of burger this dish had. When someone describes a meal as a burger you think meat, at least my carnivore mind does anyway, but no. The “patty” was sculpted out of black beans. Hello culture shock! The escabeche, coleslaw and chipotle paired well with the black bean patty and added a refreshing zesty citrusy flavor. The dish came with chips but tbh my tum-tum was more than full after scarfing down this Low-Mid 4 EatClub entree. Meal: 4.3. Experience: 4.2 (A2 Placement).

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