Food Review. Eat Club. BBQ Boneless Ribs Plate.

Today I dined on the BBQ Boneless Ribs Plate. I’ve been craving ribs for quite sometime and this meal most definitely scratched my rib itch. The meal came with baked beans, cornbread, spinach and a nice cup of BBQ sauce. I did not eat the spinach or even look at it…. When I’m eating ribs no vegetable will be consumed unless it’s Momma Bierly’s Kentucky Sweet Corn. WOOO WIII!!! The sweet/tangy BBQ sauce was lovely. I was most definitely, “Lost in the sauce.” As the Instagram kids say. I finished up my meal with a good ole’ fashioned opened face baked bean, cornbread sandwich. Momma Bierly taught me that one. Solid Meal: 4.1 Experience: A5 placement. (-.1) 4.0.

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