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The Idea of Surfing

Surfing is a great experience. You’re out with nature, you’re catching some rays, you’re checking out the bebs, life doesn’t get much better. The only problem is surfing is hard as shit. I’ve only been 10-15 times and I can … Continue reading

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Create An Awkward Situation Through Networking

My buddy left me a voicemail this morning explaining┬áthis move to me. The sick son of a bitch was laughing so hard at himself that he had to cut the message short. To his credit it is a great move. … Continue reading

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With football season in full swing you’re going to hear a lot of tools bragging about how amazing their fantasy football team is. I’m clearly one of those tools who takes Fantasy Football way to seriously but I try my … Continue reading

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Calling Out Haters When You Clearly Have No Haters

Now I’m waiting for an opportune moment to pull of this move. I think it could be absolute legendary. Come to think of it there is a place I can pull this off but I’d have to be the “Top … Continue reading

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Over-The-Top Ray Rice Statuses

Now I’m not trying to be “that guy” in this situation. You know the guy that makes some edgy joke indicating that maybe this poor woman deserved an upper-cut. What I am trying to do is point out something funny … Continue reading

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