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Give Directions In Political Terms

“So you’re driving along…” (Tommy Boy Reference) Wait.. Scratch that… You aren’t driving… Someone else is driving. You are riding on the passengers side of your best friends ride (trying to holla at me.) Sorry…TLC… One of those days. But … Continue reading

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Dudes Ina Closet Podcast – Fast Food Jeff and Bobby talk about their favorite fast-food restaurants. Jeff loves Carls Jr. (Hardees) while Bobby thinks Wendy’s is extremely overrated. The dudes put their brotastic minds together and create a fast food concoction that will blow your mind. … Continue reading

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Using Awful Metaphors To Describe How Heavy Something Is

You’re thirsty…. You walk your lazy ass over to the fridge. No beer, no soda, water sucks, hell lets have someĀ Orange Juice. *You know the Orange Juice you bought to make mimosas for Sunday morning football. Your friends made fun … Continue reading

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Getting Mad Over The Color Shirt Someone Is Wearing

Everyone has their favorite color. If you ask someone, “What’s your favorite color?” Most of the time they’ll put on that stupid, “I’m Not Sure Let Me Over-Think It And Spew Out 4 Colors That I Like But Never Actually … Continue reading

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Wearing Man Thongs

On the title alone I’ve probably lost about 90% of you… But for the other psychotic 10%… Enjoy. Step 1: Head out to your local thong store and get yourself a nice 3-Pack. Step 2: Now that you’re equipped with … Continue reading

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