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Fake Gift For Co-Worker

I can’t take credit for this move… This is another BC move. Sorry I have to be a tool and use a stupid nickname but he’s the type of kid who thinks his “Good Name” will be tarnished if he’s … Continue reading

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Going to Random Hotels to Get Free Continental Breakfast

What’s better than a muffin and a milk? …. A free muffin and a milk. Hotels have always been extremely generous when it comes to welcoming random people walking into their establishment.. Why? Because they have no idea who is … Continue reading

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How to Attack a Stupid Status

Easy…. With an over the top serious comment. Click the photo to check it out. I know the font is extremely small but step up your eye game.

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Band T-Shirts On Bebs

After spending a Saturday night in and spending most of my time stalking hot girls I used to know via social media… I came across a “gram” (Gram- Picture on Instagram) that caught my attention. My thumb stopped an overzealous … Continue reading

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