There’s something about bibs that turn a regular man into an alpha beast ready to indulge whatever food is placed in front of him. Historically gluttony has been considered a sin… I disagree. Gluttony is a test of a man’s manhood and the symbol for this test… a bib. The bib continuum is legendary, If you’re wearing a bib you’re either 4 or 74 … There’s really no in-between. The bib is a universal “Do Work” symbol. When you strap on a bib because you are scared you’re going to ruin your suit and tie…. That’s soft. It’s understandable, but you are discrediting everything the bib stands for. Strapping on a bib to symbolize a “Do Work” attitude, Could Be The Move.

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3 Responses to Bibs

  1. Killinthegame says:

    Jr. year Homecoming I could’ve used a bib. Mad sauce splatter on my white shirt.

  2. Hold It! says:

    Bibs = Classy move.

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