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Creating Your Own Hip-Hop Verse

Life is full of moments. Some moments are routine and rehearsed daily. Other moments hold extreme importance and our actions hold very powerful consequences. The type of moment I speak of holds the ability to turn normal everyday men into … Continue reading

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Calling Budweisers Rustics

I’ve heard several slang names when people refer to the great American beer Budweiser. There is the corporate nickname “The King Of Beers” but there is also “Buds”, “Bud Heavy”, “Bud Diesel”, “Diesels” and “White Cans”. The other day my … Continue reading

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The Nice Bathroom Experience

Have you ever had to tinkle while driving and searched for a restroom? Typically people go to a fast food place or a gas station where the bathroom is dirtier than a sorority chick you used to bang in college. … Continue reading

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Slammin 5-Hour Energies

5-Hour Energies used to sketch me out. It was nearly impossible for me to believe that 2 OZ’s of legal fluid would get me so jacked up for so long. My closest experience with a liquid that produced similar side-effects … Continue reading

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Shotgunning Only Half Of Your Beer (Then Tossing It)

College is an interesting place. It’s the only place in the world where you are judged by your ability to shotgun a beer.  I’ve always thought shotgunning beers is a great way to bring the much needed spark to a … Continue reading

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Random Catch Phrases Between Your Friends

Every group of friends has their own distinct language. Each language consists of certain words or phrases that sound like one thing but mean something entirely different. It’s extremely intimidating getting thrown into a conversation with a group of friends … Continue reading

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Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge

Greatest place on earth? Umm… Cheay! They serve the beers tall, the placement of the important games are always spot on, they don’t pride themselves as the “Come watch the UFC fight here” like some other tool-bag places but most … Continue reading

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