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Comparing Someone’s Name To Someone Else’s Name

You’re watching the game with your boys. Dwight Howard grabs a rebound and heads up the court. The announcers start talking about Dwight, “Dwight Howard is a rebounding machine; he’s been one of the top rebounders ever since he got … Continue reading

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Forcing Someone To Be The Designated Driver

Please allow me to be candid and say that I really like you guys. In fact, I like you so much that I’m going to give you two moves in one post. I know, I’m psyched about it too. The … Continue reading

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Sending A Fake Wrong Text Message

Texting has taken over my life. I consider texting my #1 form of communication between my friends. It’s a great way to get information quickly without having to fumble around with a standard phone conversation. You can also have 3-4 text … Continue reading

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Acting As A College Coach At High School Football Games

So Halloween was yesterday, a day where millions of people around the world are dressed up as other people to feel cooler for a day – what an idea! There must be a way to keep this cool feeling throughout the … Continue reading

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