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Water Shots

Since drinks are cheap at happy hour, your friends will all get at least one drink, sometimes two, but they won’t have too many because they all drove their car to the bar directly from work. Once your friends have … Continue reading

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Knowing The Unpopular Songs Of One Hit Wonders

Do you hate that guy who says he doesn’t like that band anymore because they are popular now? He purposely has no popular songs on his Zune because that is too main stream. This hipster thinks he should be working … Continue reading

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The Craigslist Fake Traveler

Everyone loves Craigslist. It’s a great place to find an apartment, a “lightly” used futon, someone looking to swap a kegerator for an iPad, and even a little romance. Romance? Yes, romance. Kind of. The move is simple: make a … Continue reading

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Asking For Obscure Exotic Drinks

“Hey do you guys want anything to drink?” is a question with endless options to show off your creativity and importance in the room. MOVE #5 says to order a Coca-Cola Classic – that to me is obvious and a layup. My move … Continue reading

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Accusing Someone Of Fake Stealing

Stealing is fun. I’ve stolen a handful of things in my day and the sudden rush that coerces your body is unimaginable. You can’t buy a rush like that. Well you probably could but re-hab or death is the only … Continue reading

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The Stranger

This move is called “The Stranger”. We all love parties. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday, a kegger, or a backyard BBQ, people love an excuse to get together. The next time you’re invited to a party bring three things. The … Continue reading

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Getting Overly Jacked Up When Your Friend Succeeds

This move is very simple so I’m going to keep it short, which is rare for me. Today’s move is all about getting jacked up over things that happen to people in your life that have extremely little or zero … Continue reading

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