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Loving Glamorous By Fergie

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, glamorous is a word I will never misspell. Don’t label me a genius quite yet. I must give all the credit to Fergie for her song Glamorous. Not only did Fergie help me perfect the spelling of glamorous but … Continue reading

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Taking A Friendly Greeting Literally

I’m getting sick of the guy that walks by you and asks, “how ya doing, bud”? Listen, pal, I know you don’t give shit how I’m actually “doing”. Can’t you just give me the well-respected manly head nod hello and … Continue reading

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Insulting Every Detail About Someone’s Meal

We live in a world of competition. Only one guy can get the job, only one team can win the championship, and only one guy can take home the hottie  (insert three-way joke here). I consider myself an extremely competitive … Continue reading

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Bringing An Excess Of Alcohol To Social Functions

As a society I feel as if we constantly make up excuses to drink. “Hey it’s my son’s 1st birthday” “Dude! Vice Presidential Debate.” “It’s December 12th 2012, 12/12/12… Party!” “It’s Wednesday, the 5th day of spring, let’s house!” Next … Continue reading

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Over Apologizing For A Minor Fault

There are times in life when people are upset at you for a very frivolous or silly reason. You bump into someone at a crowded bar and they spill a drop of their drink, you accidently skip someone’s turn in … Continue reading

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Changing Your Sneeze Everytime

I think that the sneeze is one of the most underrated bodily functions we have. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good pee and a nice poop as much as the next guy, but the sneeze just feels … Continue reading

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Do you like going out for lunch to break up your work day? Yeah, it’s a wonderful thing indeed. What if you don’t have the cash or just simply the desire to pay for lunch? This may be an issue … Continue reading

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Never Fist Bump Anyone Ever Again

It’s Tuesday at 2:34, you’re at work (of course), you’re walking throughout the hallways trying to kill the remaining hour and 30 minutes of your sluggish work day. Suddenly the office “cool guy” comes zipping around the corner. The two … Continue reading

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The Ole Coffee Mug Salute

Are you stuck grinding it out in Corporate America? Yea? Same here. Picture this: you’re walking down the hallway and a more important co-worker walks by. You do the standard head nod and maybe if you’re lucky that uptight prick … Continue reading

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Tossing Your Beer Cap

Every time you open up a bottle of beer immediately toss the bottle cap in a casual fashion. The bottle cap must land on the floor and travel at least 15 feet. This is a great move if you’re at … Continue reading

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