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Loving Glamorous By Fergie

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, glamorous is a word I will never misspell. Don’t label me a genius quite yet. I must give all the credit to Fergie for her song Glamorous. Not only did Fergie help me perfect the spelling of glamorous but … Continue reading

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Taking A Friendly Greeting Literally

I’m getting sick of the guy that walks by you and asks, “how ya doing, bud”? Listen, pal, I know you don’t give shit how I’m actually “doing”. Can’t you just give me the well-respected manly head nod hello and … Continue reading

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Insulting Every Detail About Someone’s Meal

We live in a world of competition. Only one guy can get the job, only one team can win the championship, and only one guy can take home the hottie  (insert three-way joke here). I consider myself an extremely competitive … Continue reading

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Bringing An Excess Of Alcohol To Social Functions

As a society I feel as if we constantly make up excuses to drink. “Hey it’s my son’s 1st birthday” “Dude! Vice Presidential Debate.” “It’s December 12th 2012, 12/12/12… Party!” “It’s Wednesday, the 5th day of spring, let’s house!” Next … Continue reading

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Over Apologizing For A Minor Fault

There are times in life when people are upset at you for a very frivolous or silly reason. You bump into someone at a crowded bar and they spill a drop of their drink, you accidently skip someone’s turn in … Continue reading

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Changing Your Sneeze Everytime

I think that the sneeze is one of the most underrated bodily functions we have. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good pee and a nice poop as much as the next guy, but the sneeze just feels … Continue reading

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Get a Free Lunch From Your Buddy

Do you like going out for lunch to break up your work day? Yeah, it’s a wonderful thing indeed. What if you don’t have the cash or just simply the desire to pay for lunch? This may be an issue … Continue reading

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